Contrary to public belief vashikaran cannot be done by just chanting mantras or wearing an amulet or a ring. It requires complex fire rituals to be done for a period of time at several locations. These rituals are done by specialized priests who have been doing this for decades. Pandit Anil has had over 30 years experience in helping people all over the world to get what they want and what they deserve. He can make things happen for you!!

Vashikaran rituals are mentioned in various ancient tantrik texts and our time tested system involves doing powerful fire rituals from 30 days to 180 days at three to four powerful locations at the same time on a daily basis. These rituals are done by traditional tantrik priests who have been doing this for generations and have decades of personal experience in getting results. Pandit Anil personally travels all around the world doing rituals and meeting clients. Most rituals are however done in India at several Kali and Durga temples as well as at Varnasi Ganges Ghats. A ritual is started with a promise made to the Godess that we will be doing the fire rituals for a particular number of days at several locations if she makes a particular event happen for us. Sometimes the result comes immediatly when we start the rituals but we still have to continue doing the fire rituals for the number of days as promised to the goddess.

A common question often asked is how can destiny be changed? Arent things supposed to happen and they are happening? How can you make things happen? The answer is in many ancient Indian spiritual texts. Whatever is happening in your life is a result of karma and what you did in your past life. Maybe you are supposed to go thru this in this life because you did something in your past life. But by doing powerful tantrik rituals we are able to wipe away your karmas in this life and get you what you want immediatly!! We have seen thousands of cases getting unbelievable results last 30 years after the rituals were started!!

Items used for vashikaran rituals can be a picture or personal belongings like clothes or even personal item like hair. This is used as a identification point or like a sign board for the energies to be concentrated on the particular person. Please call Pandit Anil to discuss your case in confidence so a proper spiritual strategy can be worked out for you. Most of the work can be done by phone, email and mail. If necessary Pandit Anil can travel to your place or you can visit him in India or California USA by prior appointment.

 Whatever may be your request we dont judge you and everything is 100% private and confidential.

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** We do not sacrifice animals in any of our rituals. Our fire rituals are based on ancient sanskrit tantrik and vedic texts from India and tested by us to be successful in thousands of unique cases last 30 years.