Pandit Anil specializes in making things happen for clients thru the use of vedic astrology and tantrik and vedic rituals. Astrology is like a map of your current and future while the rituals are like a solution to the blocks on your lifes map!! Some of the most popular services rendered by Pandit Anil last 30 years are Vedic Astrology charts, Vedic Horoscope matching, Spiritual Healing, Vedic and Tantrik Fire Rituals to make things happen using the powerful Vashikaran systems.

Vashikaran is a complex spiritual procedure involving a lot of efforts by multiple priests at multiple locations. Ancient Indian tantrik texts mention several techniques and many of theose cannot be done in the current modern times. Of the procedures that can be done now we have found that by doing powerful fire rituals at the same time in multiple locations by multiple priests makes a particular event happen.

Vashikaran can be used to attract someone or control someone to make that person do what you want them to do. This includes family members like children, inlaws etc too.

Vashikaran can be used to influence someone temporarily to make them do something you want. This can be in romantic area or business area or in a job situation.

Vashkaran can be used to control someone and break them off from someone in a romantic situation. For example a wife maybe able to get her husband back after breaking up his new affair.

Vashikaran can be used to manifest something you want. Efforts have to be made by you to get anything but vashikaran rituals can open the doors and make it very easy for you.

Everyone is different and each persons situation is unique. Please call Pandit Anil at 510-867-4916 USA or email panditji at for a confidential free consultation.

Vashikaran cannot happen by just chanting mantras or wearing a ring or an amulet. It requires complex fire rituals to be done for a period of time at several locations. These rituals are done by specialized priests who have been doing this for decades. Dont be fooled by fake tantriks and internet scammers who will promise you anything and everything and sell you something like a yantra or a stone.

Pandit Anil travels all around the world and can see you in person if necessary and show you some of the procedures in person along with demonstrations on how someone can be influenced. You will be amazed how quickly someone can be influenced and made to do something right in front of your eyes!!

Payments can be made by Western Union, Moneygram and all Major Credit Cards thru Paypal. Installments can be worked out and many times most of our charges are payable after you see results.

Whatever maybe your request - we dont judge you.

All consultations are private and 100% confidential.

** We do not sacrifice animals in any of our rituals. Our fire rituals are based on ancient sanskrit tantrik and vedic texts from India and tested by us to be successful in thousands of unique cases last 30 years.